Raindart Computing

Raindart Computing Business Support

Raindart supports small to medium size businesses by offering a full integrated suite of computer services hosted on our own server farms. These services can be easily tailored to suit the requirements of each individual business as we have full control of our own systems and software.

These services include most possible functions from ‘Cloud’ computing to Website & email hosting. Raindart does not operate an anonamous web & credit card based system but provides real people on a phone line that can be contacted easily at all times of the day. We will do all the setup and support work required to get the systems the customer requires up and running as it should be.

We continue to monitor and improve the provided  systems once they are up and running. This allows the business we are supporting to have the time they require to operate their business without needing to devote effort to the IT side of the business.

Raindart computing’s multiple redundant servers are available 24 Hours a day 365 days a year.

Raindart Computing History

Raindart Computing Ltd was set up by Alan Ruffell in 1998. The purpose of Raindart at that time was to allow Alan Ruffell to operate an independant electronics design consultancy.

The Raindart consultancy still operates to this day and has done work for a number of small companies who need systems to be designed but do not wish to set up or take on their own in house design team.

In 2005 Raindart expanded and took on several more people. The purpose of this expansion was to set up a new businees called Qtrail. In setting up Qtrail, Raindart computing was required to setup and operate a set of server farms across the UK to host the Qtrail systems. Having set up these server farms Raindart further expanded to take on a support role for businesses in both the local area and acros the UK.