Qtrail is a major business operated by Raindart Computing Ltd and part owned by Alan Ruffell. Qtrail was set up in 2005 to develop and operate a state of the art vehicle tracking system. This system began trials in 2006 and was launched on to the market in 2007. Since 2007 it has operated very sucessfully in a competative market place.

Qtrail is based in Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire but covers the entire UK. Qtrail has nine people working on the tracking system. These people cover every thing from system installations in vehicles to the writing of the software for the system.

The Qtrail system is hosted on Raindart Computing’s server farms. Raindart has three server farms located in three diverse geographical locations around the UK. Any one of these server farms can fully maintain the Qtrail system, this gives great resiliance to the system alowing it to continue to operate even under the most extreeme system or infrastructure failures we can envisage.